laboratory of Gironacci family

Each MOMA product is produced in a real workshop where craftsmen, artists, workers and designers under the direction of Gigio and Daniele Gironacci exchange their experiences.




Gigio Gironacci Creative experimenting




Daniele Gironacci Powerful character trait




We give shape to a vision

In 1992, Gigio and Daniele Gironacci decided that making shoes was not their only objective.

Who are we? We are two craftsmen who set our hands to work and who believe that “well done” is not perfect. For us, a product is what we have in mind and what we can realize by experimenting with old and new technologies. In our workshop, everyone who is talented can contribute their ideas. Something influences our ideas and our products are actually always innovative. Where are we? We are located in the heart of the hilly countryside of the Marches. Is there anything better in this world than these hills? We decided to live here and to get our energy from this soil, this plain history and this rural spirit. We are inspired by the thought that everything we produce is the derivative of other goods that have existed already. Our processing is often inspired by the mildew on a grapevine, the moss on a tree bark, the rust … by all the things that have a clear beginning and a clear end. Each of our products tells a straight and simple story in which the experiences of the past live on.





What we do.
We work. We learn the processing of the raw materials, the methods of processing and the techniques by watching the artists and farmers and give shape to a vision.
What was our principle?
Our principle: Midnight Over My Action. MOMA. We hurled ourselves into this adventure bearing these words in mind. There is a dividing line between tradition and new craftsmanship, just like the line that separates the old day from the new. Both comply with the same rules but are not equal. When we started the production of “the used and the dirty” we did not intend to start a trend. Our products were supposed to have a character that has lived a life, such as the wrinkles in the face of a person or the scars of an injury, which create each person’s individual history.
How do we introduce ourselves?
Just the way we are.
What would we like to see happen with this website?
We would be glad if it becomes a meeting place for ideas of any kind.